Public Transportation Cuts in Killeen

Effective September 1, the Central Texas HOP will be no longer be operating routes 7, 21, and 30 in Killeen. An updated map of the service area can be found here.

This will impact a large portion of the city's population, with south and north Killeen being effectively cut off from one another. Local residents use the HOP daily for transit to work, shopping, and leisure.

The Killeen Junto Club is dedicated to seeking a working solution to ensure that transportation services are not interrupted in Killeen.

We are conducting a short survey in order to gather usage data for the Killeen City Council. Please click here to participate. 

What can I do?

There are several ways to help keep public transportation serving Killeen.


Make Yourself Heard!


Contact your local government and the Hill Country Transit Authority(the HOP)

Tell them not to abandon Killeen residents and continue to provide public transportation to Killeen.

Make Yourself Seen!

Show up at City Council Meetings and other events. Click the button below to be notified of future events and receive updates about the situation.


Volunteer and Fight!

Join our team as we work with fellow citizens to raise awareness of this issue to keep public transportation rolling in Killeen. Click the button below to sign up.